BBC & BBC America Release Doctor Who Season 13 Release Date, Teaser Trailer, & Key Art

Doctor Who MultimediaDoctor Who Teaser Trailer and Key Art - Premiering 10/31/21
Season 13

Be ready. The Doctor returns later this year. BBC and BBC America released today in official announcements that included cryptic messages from the Doctor that the series will return on October 31st. The  six episodes of season thirteen will be connected as one large story and titled "Flux." The series will also introduces new companion Dan, played by John Bishop, as previously reported. More information will be posted as it is revealed. You can check out what we know below.

Below is a teaser trailer and key art from the thirteenth season of Doctor Who (gallery has also been updated). Doctor Who airs Sundays at 8/7c on BBC America. Check it out below.

Doctor Who
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Doctor Who - Season 13 - Teaser Trailer

Doctor Who Gallery Photos - Premieres 2021
Season Thirteen

9.jpgDoctor Who S13__BB_12_01_21_1163.jpgDW13-00828.jpgDW13-201120--31.jpgDW13-201120-09916.jpgDW13-201939.jpgDW13-206232.jpgDW13_JP203579.jpgdw1300_009.jpgdw1300_010.jpgdw1300_011.jpgdw1300_012.jpgdw1300_013.jpgdw1300_014.jpgdw1300_015.jpgdw1300_016.jpgdw1300_017.jpgdw1300_018.jpgdws13btsdoctoryaz.jpgdws13keyart01.jpgdws13keyart02.jpgdws13keyart03.jpgdws13keyart04.jpgdws13keyart05.jpgdws13keyart06.jpgdws13keyart07.jpgdws13keyart08.jpgFBQ1SehXIAkDYI1.pngFBxPfw1XEAIXEj5.png

**Photos believed to be for 1301 have been moved to the appropriate gallery**

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