Orphan Black: The Next Chapter - Episode 9 Review & Recap

***Contains Spoilers***

Orphan Black: The Next ChapterSerial Box released the new episode of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter a day early this week. The episode is titled, “Which Aspect We Embrace,” and was written by Michell Baker and E.C. Myers.

This week’s installment has three main storylines. The majority of the episode follows what happens in the Nasqwine’g village. Reinforcements arrive to help Kira and Em, and with their help, eventually they are able to stop the mosquito drones from killing most of the villagers. Kurzmann is also arrested.

The second storyline deals with Jay and Art, who go to meet with Davis, because Jay thinks that perhaps they can get some information from him. It backfires, and he and his men capture Art and send Jay back to the clones to trade Sturgis’s weapon for Art’s life.

Lastly, Charlotte finally admits to being the one who was responsible for the press finding out about clones.

This week, there was a good bit of action. In the village, Vivi and Helena fight off Kurzmann and his men, while Dana, Kira, and Em try to find a way to stop the drones. That storyline was probably the most thrilling of the episode, and it played out really well. I also loved seeing Helena back and kicking ass.

The relationship between Art and Jay continues to get more interesting, as Art tries to protect her. It’s obvious they are getting much closer. Before long, they will likely be in a relationship. I enjoy their flirting and interactions.

The biggest surprise of the week was definitely Charlotte. I definitely did not expect her to be the one who was responsible for the secret of clones getting out. I’m not sure her decision was the right one, but it’s too late now, and everyone will have to find a way to deal with it. It was also nice to see her step out of her shell a bit and stand up for herself.

Also, although not a big part of the story, I liked how Felix was very observant of Kira and Em.

Of course, as always, it was really great to hear Tatiana Maslany read the story. She injects so much life into it. It’s always a pleasure to read, but her performance is an excellent addition.

As with every week, I’m excited to find out what’s next.

Kira and Em are still outside the village of Nasgwine’g, waiting for backup. An all-terrain vehicle approaches, and Felix gets out. Vivian and Dana also exit, followed by Helena, who was driving. Kira introduces everyone.

Kira realizes Felix notices there is something her and Em. Also, Helena and Vivi aren’t trusting of each other.

Vivi tells them all that they need to follow her instructions exactly, and they will be fine.

Meanwhile, during a snowstorm, Greg Kurzmann arrives in Nasgwine’g in a helicopter with some men. He’s running the show and plans to stay in the copter while they each take a briefcase into the village and simultaneously release the mosquito drones. The drones can’t hold a charge long, so their range is limited. Having each man release some in a different location within the village will infect as many people as possible.

After the men have left, the pilot notices someone outside the helicopter; it’s Vivi.

Kurzmann gets out of the helicopter to go after her. Vivi ends up knocking him down, but the pilot pulls a flare gun on her.

Kurzmann wants the thumb drive and tells the pilot to take it from her. She drops it into the snow and kicks the pilot in his head when he goes to retrieve it, knocking him down. Kurzmann fires his gun, but Vivi gets away, taking the drive with her.

The two men start after Vivi, but they see two of her. Kurzmann tells the pilot to take the clone on the right, and he will go after the one on the left. He also radios to the other men to shoot them on site if they see them, but not to touch anything until he is there to search them.

Meanwhile, Art is telling Jay that he thinks it’s a bad idea and dangerous to meet with Davis. She says that he said he was just looking for information, which they need. It’s her job, and she has decided to go anyway. Art, however, gets her to agree that he can go with her.

Back at the village, Kira, Em, and Dana are hiding behind a tree watching Kurtzmann and the pilot. Dana says that if Helena hadn’t come, it would have been her and not Dana in the wig. She now realizes she could have been shot. She felt like she could do whatever Vivi does, because they are clones.

Kira tells her that they may be clones, but they aren’t the same person. Maybe if she had spy training should could have done all of that, but maybe not. She doesn’t think that Sarah could ever be a scientist like Cosima or a musician like Alison, but she has her own set of skills.

Em reminds them that they are supposed to search the helicopter once the men are gone. Vivi had insisted that Kurzmann would have a way to control the drones, and if that is true, they could potentially stop the attack and save the village.

Inside the helicopter, they find Kurzmann’s briefcase that has a screen and keyboard, but as far as they can tell, it has no way to control the drones. They are, however, able to track where the drones are and also see that they are currently on standby. They can at least use it to track them and tell their people where they are so they can intercept them.

Suddenly the status of the drones changes to “deploying” and then “active.”

Dana says that they need to go into the village. Whoever released them turned them on, and perhaps whatever they used to carry them in has a way to turn them off too. Dana texts Vivi, and Kira calls Felix.

Felix is swatting at mosquitoes with a bug zapper that seems to work fairly well compared to the cattle prod. He tells Kira when she calls that he already knows about the mosquitos. He says that they have been able to wake the village up, but they don’t like him and are grouchy.

A cloud of mosquitos heads for him, so he tells Kira that he will call her back. He continues to fight them.

Meanwhile, Jaysara and Art have arrived at the abandoned high school where she plans to meet Davis. She has Art hide at the bleachers where he has a good vantage point of the old football field where she is to meet Davis.

Davis comes out. Jaysara asks him if information is all he wanted. He tells her that since she wasn’t able to apprehend Vivi, he had to come to deal with her himself.

Jay realizes that he’s being sketchy, because someone as old and high ranking as him wouldn’t personally search for her.

Jay tells him that she thought she had apprehended her, but it turned out to be her clone, so she let her go.

He tells her that he thinks she may be with the other clones trying to blend in. He asks her if she knows where the clones could be. Nervous, Jay just quips to follow the cameras and news trucks.

They also discuss the GRIT bombing, and Jay tells him that it wasn’t Vivi, but rather Sturgis who was responsible.

Davis thinks that she is protecting Vivi, but she tells him that as far as her investigation goes, Valdez is a dead end. She says that she must be important to him if they sent him out there, and asks him why he wants her back.

He tells her that he came out himself, because he doesn’t like loose threads, which she now is also one of.

Threatening her, he asks her again if she knows where Vivi is.

Suddenly a shot rings out, coming from the bleachers. Jay uses the chance to run at Davis.

Meanwhile, Helena is chasing after the helicopter pilot through the forest. She contemplates how bad he is doing following her, as she is following him. She thinks about she and her sons, Arthur and Donnie, being able to track her in the wild.

Eventually, Helena creeps up on the pilot and scares him. She fights him and decides not to kill him, but she will make sure that he won’t follow them – or be able to fly a helicopter again.

Davis ends up getting the better of Jay, though his wrist is hurt. However, Art suddenly shows up, aiming a gun at his head. They take back to the car. Jay plans to arrest Davis, but he says that they don’t have a case against him.

Suddenly a woman shows up, pulling a gun on Art. Another man comes up before Jay can grab her gun. They take their weapons.

Davis tells Jay to go back to her friends and tell them to get ready to make a trade. He wants the weapon, and he says that if they don’t bring it to him, he will extradite art to a CIA black site as a suspected terrorist. He thinks that the clones will cooperate to save their friend.

Art tells her not to worry and to keep his family safe.

They drive off, and Jay is only able to follow them so far before she loses them. She, however, planted a GPS tracking device on her gun before they took it, and she can track it on her phone.

Meanwhile, back at Cosima and Delphine’s house, Charlotte has a strange dream, which she thinks is probably due to Cosima’s brownies. She puts on a robe and heads upstairs to see Cosima, Delphine, Sarah, and Alison.

They argue over what Charlotte should eat, but eventually Alison decides to get her peanut butter on crackers.

Charlotte is upset and needs to finally tell them what she has been keeping from them, so she does: when she was sick she had Kira call the press and tell them about the clones.

Everyone in the room gets very angry and upset. Charlotte yells at them, because she has been telling them it’s a good idea, but no one will ever listen to her because she isn’t an adult, and never give a real explanation as to why it is a bad idea. She also says that they can’t continue to pretend forever; it won’t work. Hundreds of clones don’t even know to be careful, and governmeant isn’t going to stop the biometric security. She also thinks it is unfair for her and Kira to not be able to control their own lives.

Sarah says that she is right that they haven’t been listening and is sorry. She knows how she feels. She ran away from Mrs. S, because she felt she wasn’t treating her like an adult, and now Kira has done the same to her. However, just like she was wrong for running away, what Charlotte did wasn’t right either.

Charlotte disagrees and says that they have to deal with what they are.

The others still don’t agree with her, but they know they need to have a talk and listen to her. Their anger will eventually pass.

At dawn, Kira, Em, and Dana arrive at the center of the village where they have tracked the drones.

Kira is bit by a mosquito, but crushes it easily. She asks them if they think the drones check people’s DNA before they inject them. She’s worried that she could be a carrier and infect the villagers.

They see four men dressed in black across from them in a gazebo. They have briefcases like the one they took from the helicopter. Kira yells to take cover. They make it to the fountain but are shot at.

Suddenly, a villager notices them and that Dana is a clone. Kurzmann’s men try to get the villagers to accept that clones are dangerous and they need to capture them.

Kira tells them that they need a distraction so that she can grab the briefcases in the gazebo. Dana agrees to be that distraction, and she tells the men that she will come peacefully.

Meanwhile, Vivi is still being chased and shot at by Kurtzmann when she gets the text from Dana that they need help. She worries about Dana and that she and the others are in danger because of her. She decides that Kurzmann likely doesn’t want to be seen anywhere near the villagers, so she runs towards the center of the village.

Vivi sees that Dana is captured and hears her say something to the villagers in French, which must have been about the mosquitos, because they seem to listen.

Kurzmann makes it to where they are, pointing his gun at Vivi. She’s afraid to fight him or leave, because someone in the crowd could get hurt. She gives her gun to him and goes over to Dana.

Vivi starts telling the villagers that they are victims too, and because they are clones, they are being ostracized and  treated badly like the villagers have been. The men are using them as a distraction.

Suddenly, Helena shows up and grabs the gun from Kurzmann. Vivi helps her fight him.

They look for Kira and realizes that she is working on the briefcases. Suddenly, all the drones fall to the ground.

Later, Dana explains to the villagers what happened, though they are still wary of the clones.

The police arrive and arrest Kurzmann and his men.

Some of the villages have been bitten and need medical attention to hopefully be able to save them.

Vivi tells Kira that she should be the one to give the briefcases to the police. She also mentions that Em keeps looking at her.

Kira goes to Em, but when she turns back, Vivi is gone.

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