Orphan Black: The Next Chapter - Episode 8 Review & Recap

***Contains Spoilers***

Orphan Black: The Next ChapterToday Serial Box released the eighth episode of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter. The episode is titled “A Harvest of Survivors” and was written by Madeline Ashby.

Once I started it, I quickly realized that this was the episode I had been waiting for. It was so great to have Vivi meet the other clones in person and see everyone’s reactions. I was surprised Sarah took to her fairly quickly.

Maslany was, as always, brilliant in her reading, bringing all the characters to life. It’s easy to differentiate between clones by her voice, even without being able to see them.

Speaking of seeing them, there are so many wonderful scenes in this episode that I would love to be able to see on television. I can so easily envision Alison and Donnie in the sex club, which was so funny to hear about. All of the characters in the book continue to feel so much like the originals.

While the main part of the episode was dealing with the clones’ next step, another important part was, of course, Rachel’s meeting with Davis. I enjoyed her cunning, but was surprised and somewhat confused by her reaction to not wanting him to hurt Kira. I feel like there must be some story there that as a viewer (and reader) we haven’t been privy to that must have taken place between the series and the book. This ended up being the most intriguing part to me, because it was so unexpected.

As the story moves towards completion, my mind is going through all the scenarios of what could happen. I was so surprised that they actually did reveal clones to the public, and it has changed their world completely. Hopefully the clones can learn to adapt to their new lives. I’m excited to see where it goes next, and I am hopeful that there will be more story in the future after the end of this set of episodes.

Alexander Davis has broken into Greg Kurzmann’s condo and waits for him to arrive. Kurzmann arrives and pulls a weapon on him when he realizes he’s there. Davis tells him that he is there to make a deal. He tells Kurzmann that he is there for something that was promised to him by Sturgis. He thinks that Kurzmann can deliver the weapon to him.

Kurzmann tells him that Vivi took it, and that maybe he should work on his “intra-departmental communication.” Davis tells him that that operative no longer works for them.

Kurzmann tells Davis that he doesn’t know where Vivi went, but she was with Cosima Neuhaus. He posits that they are with the home of their “friend in Border Services, the one with the clone kid.”

Before Davis goes after them, he tells him that if he were to recover the weapon that he expects to get his copy.

Kurzmann reveals that Sturgis had a back-up copy, which he has people in the department looking for. He also offers up the clones’ genome from Sturgis’s test. He wanted to do some testing so he had run off some samples and offers them to Davis.

Meanwhile, Alison and Donnie go into the sex club, Top to Bottom, as prospective members in order to get to Sturgis’s locker.

Alison retrieves a flash drive from the locker, but they are stopped by a man who threatens them. Alison yells and makes it seem like the man was talking about forcing himself on her, which is a violation of the rules of consent at the club. She then starts yelling that he’s a “clone perv.”

A man comes in and takes the thug away and they are able to leave.

On the way back to her house, Cosima talks to Vivi and Jay, who is trying to keep her talking, so she isn’t thinking about what has happened. She talks about how coming out to a clone to her parents was harder then telling them she was gay. They seemed to realize that before she did.

The news of clones being public comes on the radio. Cosima says that they knew they needed to plan for the eventuality of it, but it still is unexpected that the news is out.

Continuing the conversation, Cosima talks about revealing she was a clone to her parents, and that she just wanted them to be happy for her, as she was happy for herself. Vivi questions that she was happy, because she almost died multiple times. Cosima says she was happy, because she found her sisters.

They arrive at the house to a bunch of reporters and paparazzi. Vivi suggests sneaking around back and going through a neighbor’s house, which they do.

Relieved, Delphine grabs Cosima when she comes in, while the others introduce themselves. Art, Sarah, Alison, Charlotte, and Dana are also there.

Alison realizes that Vivi is Arun’s friend, and tells her that he had such nice things to say about her, and that he was worried. Vivi is a bit mortified.

Vivi sees Dana, who recognizes her. Vivi isn’t sure how to act. She resents Dana and the others, because they got to live their lives and had family.

Meanwhile, Davis sits in a hotel lobby and makes a call to Rachel. He tells her that he knows “all sorts of closed investigations” must be re-opening. He says that he can help her navigate it. Rachel agrees to meet him the next morning.

Back at the house, Cosima and Delphine look at the drive. In contains a computer program. They realize that it is Sturgis’s weapon.

Suddenly Kira calls Charlotte. She puts it on speaker phone, but she makes everyone, especially Sarah, promise that they won’t ask questions.

Kira tells them that they are in the village and that the mayor just died from a disease he got from a mosquito bite - even though it’s winter. She says that his genome was at GeneKeep and was stolen.

Cosima puts the clues together, knowing it’s where Kurzmann is going to be sending the virus. She tells Kira that she needs to get out of there, but Kira says that she can’t, because she agreed to help them.

Sarah wonders if she worried Siobhan growing up as much as Kira makes her worry.

They talk about the virus that is going to be dispersed at the village. They agree Kira needs backup. Dana can speak French and volunteers to help.

At the meetup, Rachel arrives early and orders expensive food and wine. She muses that the man she is meeting can help her get her old lifestyle back.

She sweeps the room for bugs and turns on a hidden camera of her own, wanting to record him asking for what he wants so that she can blackmail him later if need be.

Davis arrives and joins her. They start to talk, and Rachel, pretending she doesn’t already realize he works for the government, tells him that she can write up a memoir and package it for media production.

Davis tells her that that is not what he is after. He shows her photos of clones ending with one of Sarah and Kira. He wants her to introduce him. Thinking about Kira, she decides she is going to hurt him. Kira has a chance to live, if not a normal life, at least a full one.

She asks him how much it is worth to him, and then she proceeds to tell him all the things she wants to get her status back in return for information. He agrees and goes to shake her hand, but Rachel sees he’s hiding a syringe. She bends his thumb backwards saying that just because they are clones, it doesn’t mean they are the same. She made the mistake of underestimating her sisters before. He isn’t the first and won’t be the last to do that.

Rachel swings the wine bottle at him, breaking his wrist. She then slams his head on the edge of the table, knocking him out.

Rachel leaves the private dining room, telling the staff that he doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Meanwhile, it’s the next morning when Vivi wakes up in the room with Dana, who wants coffee. She agrees to get her some, but not breakfast.

Vivi tries to listen in to Jay and Art’s conversation on the way to the kitchen. She doesn’t really hear anything useful.

Vivi gets a call from Arun, and they joke around a bit, until outside there is a car horn blaring “SOS.” A blond woman is plowing her car through the paparazzi. She yells that she is suing all of them for endangering her sisters and children.

Sarah yells at her to come in and tells Vivi that it’s their other sister, Helena.

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