Video Interview: Cast and Executive Producers on the Reimagining of Fatal Attraction as a Series

Fatal AttractionToday Fatal Attraction comes to Paramount Plus. The series is a reimagining of the 1980s classic film, but takes a deeper look at the events. In 2008, Daniel Gallagher (Joshua Jackson) meets Alexandra Forrest (Lizzy Caplan) and they begin an affair that threatens to destroy his life as a loving husband and father. The story is paralleled with the present, when Daniel is paroled after serving fifteen years in prison for Alexandra’s murder. He must work to put his life back together and reconnect with his estranged family while also proving he is innocent.

During a recent press day, SciFi Vision spoke with cast members Reno Wilson and Toby Huss, who played Gallaghers’ work colleagues, Earl Broker and Mike Gerard, and Brian Goodman, who played a friend of the Gallagher family, Arthur Tomlinson, about connecting with each of their characters. Wilson talked about connecting easily with his character because of the humor in the scene, while Goodman found it tricky connecting at the beginning due to the long breaks between scenes for his character, sometimes for a week at a time. For Huss, it was Mike’s loyalty that he most connected with.

Watch their responses below. 

Fatal AttractionShowrunner, writer, and executive producer Alexandra Cunningham, executive producer Kevin J. Hynes, and executive producer and writer Silver Tree also took part in the press day where they talked about updating such an iconic film. 

 “When you take on iconic IP, or IP of any kind, it's probably important to make sure that you feel like you have something new to say that people are ready to hear,” Cunningham told the press, saying that Glenn Close as Alex Forest to her really embodied someone with mental health struggling to survive and she wanted to explore that. “I feel like in 2023 mental health we're able to talk about without the same stigma. I feel like that's really important, especially after the last few years that we've had and the difficult times that we're still in for so many reasons. To get to have that conversation through the lens of this character was really satisfying to me.” 

 “[There are] two indelible performances that you want to make sure that you're respecting while also creating your own version,” she added. 

Tree added that they were all entertained by the original and didn’t want to lose that or all the things they loved about the original telling. “The chance to show this story from different perspectives, just because we have the time to stretch, was really enticing,” she added, teasing that viewers would see similar moments from the two different points of view, which kept it unique. 

Check out the all-new Fatal Attraction starting today on Paramount Plus.

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